gako PM jar 100ml HV sterile|EO

gako PM jar 100ml HV sterile|EO

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Packaging unit contains 56 pcs of gako PM jar 100ml HV sterile|EO 


The gako PM jar 100ml HV is a sterile and disposable mixing jar made of polypropylene, designed for deaeration and mixing of gels, creams, and ointments. With a capacity of up to 100 ml, it provides an internal nominal volume of 140 ml to facilitate particle movement and enhance its performance during the process. The gako PM jar 100ml HV features a movable bottom that allows for easy elimination of remaining volume by pushing it upwards, minimizing air exposure. It is also compatible with gako unguator devices, enabling it to be used with low-soluble APIs and to prepare suspension formulas. It, therefore, eliminates the need to transfer the compound from the unguator jar to the gako PM jar 100ml HV. As the jars are disposable, they can serve as primary packaging, streamlining compound delivery to patients, reducing the number of tools to clean, saving time, and preventing material loss during transfers. It demonstrates heat resistance of up to 80°C, allowing for safe use in hot water baths when heat application is necessary for the formulation.


  • Movable bottom, reducing air contact
  • Applicable high-viscosity compounding
  • Designed to be performed in mixing and deaeration processes
  • Sterile|EO label
  • Compatible with gako unguator
  • Convenient use as a primary package option
  • Heat resistance up to 80°C in hot water bath