Fully automated semi-solid preparation compounding

The gako unguator range

The unguator technology

Competence from the start

The gako product line is based on the Unguator Technology patented by Gako Deutschland GmbH, GermanyThe core of the technology is to comply with requirements of prescribed semi-solid formulations. It consists of the patented arrangement of the Mixing Blade and the jar that serves as both, a hygienic mixing jar and a hygienic dispensing jar. The principle of the preparation method using technology in the closed gako unguator mixing system is quick and easy to learn, true to the motto: "learning by doing". A little experience will make it easy to prepare all semi-solid formulations. Using the technology enables the pharmacy to better prepare prescription ointments in a shorter period of time, compared to the conventional methods. For the first time, it is possible to not only standardize individually compounded ointments, but also to validate them, too - complying GMP.

The current gako unguator devices - gako unguator BASIC, EMP and PRO II - are useful and advanced improvements. The gako unguator devices feature a high safety standard. The devices are manufactured by Gako Deutschland GmbH, Schesslitz - Germany. With increased product quality, product uniformity and reproduction of ointments prepared individually and in batches were vastly improved.

gako unguator 


gako unguator 


gako unguator 


The gako unguator devices

Semi-solid preparation compounding

gako unguator BASIC

The gako unguator BASIC ensures a GMP suitable preparation of semi-solid compounds up to 500 ml. The lift by hand is much easier through the guided lift arm with integrated quick-lock coupling. Jar size, mixing time and ten mixing speeds can be set on the gako unguator BASIC.

Semi-solid preparation compounding

gako unguator EMP

The gako unguator EMP ensures a GMP suitable preparation of semi-solid compounds up to 500 ml. The integrated quick-lock coupling allows for faster attachment of the mixing unit into the lift mount. The lift arm works automatically so the mixing time can be used for e. g. documentation. Jar size, mixing time and ten mixing speeds can be set with the gako unguator EMP.

Fully automated Semi-solid preparation compounding

gako unguator PRO II

Supports GMP compounding of semi-solid preparations up to 2000 ml. Integrated standard mixing programs (suspension, emulsion, gel, etc.) with default mixing parameters makes the production of semi-solid compounds a lot easier. It is possible to rescale an already created mixing program to a different jar size to ensure the constant quality of the compound. The optimized mechanics and electronics ensure a quiet operation. State of the art 10'' Touch display for high end usability and hygienic easy to clean surface.